Do You Interview Yourself?

Earlier this morning I paused reading the newspaper to take a few sips of coffee and do something I often do. . . I started to interview myself.

“What do you think about Amazon’s expansion in your backyard?” my imaginary interviewer asks me, prompted by the Seattle Times article I was reading.

I naturally started to formulate a response while mimicking the body language I’d use if I was interacting with another human. I even whispered my words since I was the only one home, leaving no chance that my partner would hear me. If a neighbor caught a peak through my window, they’d assume I was engaged in an energizing conversation with someone.

But I wasn’t. I was essentially talking to myself.

Although slightly embarrassing, I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. In high school I’d be “interviewed” for my opinion on the most recent book I had read. A few months ago while cleaning every room in my home, I enjoyed providing a referral for my vacuum as if I was on a televised infomercial.

So, what’s the point? Am I engaging in the adult version of child’s play and keeping my imagination fresh? Should I reveal this lifelong habit to my therapist?

Honestly, I believe I’m simply helping myself to formulate an opinion or work through a difficulty, whether serious or benign. I process my feelings in a few ways, but the most helpful is when I discuss my thoughts in conversation with another person. Sometimes a person-to-person interaction is accessible, and other times it’s not, so that’s when my fictional interviewer (who is never the important character in these fantasy Q&A scenarios) enters the scene and poses a thoughtful, challenging question for me to work through.

As a result of these “interviews,” I feel more focused about the dilemma and more certain of what opinion I hold or how I want to respond. It’s more of an asset than an embarrassment.

I’d like to hear — Have you ever fictionalized an interview with yourself? Would you ever start? If you have, was it more helpful to you during a certain time of your life?


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