About Sheila

Hi, I’m Sheila Loesch, a freelance Writer, Voice Over Talent, and Editor. I live in Bellevue, WA, a splendidly beautiful city of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. I find a lot of inspiration in the lush natural environment of this region, mostly because it’s very different from the bustling hubs of both New Jersey and New York City I frequented when growing up.
I’m fortunate to work with the medium that brings me the most joy: the written word. I craft my own articles, edit copy to make it the best representation of my client’s brand, and even bring words to life with my voice! Read on for my professional portfolio (or check out my LinkedIn profile) and to find my email address.


I have been a writer my entire life, but was always incredibly shy about sharing my work and pitching ideas. That changed in 2019 when I set out to establish my freelance writing career. I currently share about diverse book-ish things as a contributor with Book Riot and review books by Asian Pacific American authors for the community-focused and nonprofit International Examiner.
Topics I like to focus on for freelance projects include:

  • Literature (contemporary fiction, memoirs, and non-fiction)
  • Sustainability (sustainable practices that are both simple and economical)
  • Women’s lifestyles (queer women, women’s financial livelihood)

Voice Over

I love performing voice over because it is a fortuitous combination of my love for reading and talking out loud (yes, I like to hear myself talk and yes, my high school extracurricular activity was the incredibly nerdy Competitive Speech). There’s many complicated definitions for voice over but, as simplified as possible, a voice over is any recorded audio of a person’s voice (e.g. a commercial recording, but not a live radio broadcast). It might be a stretch, but I even get to have some editing fun in this discipline, because the industry endlessly argues about the usage of “voice over” vs. “voice-over” vs. “VO.”


A natural extension of my writer’s mind is editorial prowess. I have copy edited financial reports, line-edited highly technical engineering projects, and supported developmental edits for business plans. I want to refine my natural capabilities for editing with professional support, so I am currently enrolled in the University of Washington’s program to achieve a Certificate in Editing.

Get In Touch With Me

Send me a message at sheilaloeschllc@gmail.com to work together or inquire about my rates. I reserve this email handle for business purposes only, so I can assure a timely response.