Sheila Loesch

I’m a freelance Writer, Voice Over Talent, and Editor based in Kirkland, WA, a vibrant city that’s part of the Seattle metropolitan area. Those three roles might not seem to have a lot of overlap, but here’s how I explain it: I’m a storyteller. Whatever the message my clients are trying to convey—big or small, in a white paper or blog post, groundbreaking or traditional—I tell their stories in an engaging and grammatically sound way.

Said another way…

  • As a certified professional editor, I review and polish both print and digital communications so they convey a clear, concise, and organized message.
  • As a technical writer, I generate compelling narratives out of even the most technical and jargon-filled subject matters.
  • As a trained voice over talent, I quite literally lend my voice to the project.
  • And, most importantly, as a freelancer, I make my clients’ lives easier.

My credentials include a Certificate in Editing from The University of Washington and a B.A. in English Literature from The University of Scranton. I’m also a proud member of the Northwest Editors Guild. For more info on my work history, check out my resume or browse through this site some more.

Contact Me

Head to the service you’re looking for in the navigation menu and learn more about why I’m good at what I do. Then send me some information on your project at

A Note for Small Business Owners

Some of my most rewarding work is consulting for small businesses. I’m married to a small business owner and know firsthand that when caught up in day-to-day operations or the many hurdles before the grand opening, it can be challenging for small business owners to know what’s missing from their marketing plans.

If you’re a small business owner and sense that you need something but aren’t sure what, I encourage you to reach out to me. I can review what you’ve got and identify what’s missing—such as new or better content on your website, a professional business summary for your loan applications, an impeccable resume, even guidance on your social media presence. Most of the professional services I detail on this site can be scaled down for small businesses that are just getting started or trying to expand (as in, I adjust my service rates to match your financial abilities). We can work together to build you the perfect materials.

A rare photo without glare reflecting in my glasses.