Manuscript Editing

How I help authors

I support first-time and independent authors as they craft their dream manuscripts. My support is most relevant during the earliest stages of the manuscript-writing process, from concept development and ghostwriting on first drafts, to line-level edits on the second or third draft. I help you craft a coherent narrative, whether yours is a fiction or non-fiction manuscript.

Developmental Edits

Performed during the first-draft stage, or perhaps even before the entire manuscript has been prepared.

  • Assess the manuscript concept and closely coordinate with the author to craft a cohesive, consistent, and fully formed story structure
  • Review manuscript drafts or sections for the logical organization of ideas and compare the final written material to the content outline developed by the author in the planning phase


Done after the author has developed narrative framework or in-tandem with my developmental support.

  • Draft entire memoir sections or chapters in the author’s own persona/voice
  • Write material to supplement the author’s (reconcile small plot holes, strengthen a scene, etc.)

Line Edits

Performed after the second (or third, or fourth) draft is completed, or whenever the author is confident in their plot and has moved on to finessing the language of the manuscript.

  • Review the entire manuscript draft or sections on a line-by-line and paragraph-by-paragraph basis to evaluate word choice, sentence structure variation, and reading flow

Beta Reading

Relevant at any stage when the author is seeking feedback.

  • Read entire manuscript draft or sections and respond to any of the author’s prompted questions
  • Prepare a comprehensive written evaluation relevant to the manuscript’s intended genre, audience, format, etc.

Get out of the fog!

  1. Contact me below to schedule a complimentary consultation (up to 45 minutes)
  2. I’ll email you a questionnaire form to complete, requesting details pertaining to your manuscript’s genre, current word count, what problems you’re encountering, the format of drafted materials (MS Word, Scrivener, Google Docs), etc.
  3. We’ll have a phone or video consultation
  4. I’ll send you a project quote and/or Editorial Agreement to get started on your project

A Note on Rates

Every project and author is unique and, therefore, involves a different level of work. I set rates that I believe are fair for myself and my clients.

To get a sense of editorial rates and costs, I recommend referring to this guide from the Northwest Editors Guild. I provide this as an educational tool, not a project estimate.