Scroll to view my Technical Editing and Manuscript Editing services and an explanation of Editorial Rates.

Technical Editing

I have 8+ years experience in technical editing and completed a rigorous program to obtain a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington in 2021. Here are my services:

Business Content Editing

  • Copy edit and proofread website content
    • Can also generate unique and SEO-optimized website content
  • Edit or create social media content that matches company brand and maximizes interaction and page views
Work example → Copy edited 1,100-word SEO blog post for a small tile business that improved their ranking in Google search results and resulted in 3x as many unique contacts from clients

Business Consultation

  • Brainstorm and edit materials for new or flourishing small businesses to expand their outreach and gain new clients
  • Copy edit and proofread marketing plans, executive summaries, resumes, etc. for small businesses applying for loan applications or other financial sponsorship
Work example → Proofread 1,200-word executive summary for a Seattle cafe start-up successfully used in their search for financial sponsors
  • Create new and/or copy edit complex legal documents that meet stringent legal standards
  • Proofread convoluted legal documents for simpler comprehension while abiding by all lawful criteria
  • Translate complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand language
Work example → Generated multi-document I-140 visa applications for a U.S. law firm

Manuscript Editing

My newest professional venture and a passion project. I give preference to indie authors and writers interested in self-publishing.

Developmental / Structural Edits

  • Assess the manuscript concept and closely coordinate with the author to craft a cohesive and fully formed story structure
  • Review manuscript drafts or sections for the logical organization of ideas and compare the final written material to the content outline developed by the author in the planning phase
    • Performed during the first-draft stage, before the author moves on to more substantive revisions, or perhaps before the entire manuscript is drafted

Line Edits

  • Review book-length manuscripts, short drafts, or sections on a line-by-line and paragraph-by-paragraph basis to evaluate word choice, sentence structure variation, and reading flow
    • Done after the initial drafting phase, when the author has moved on to finessing the manuscript

A Note on Editorial Rates

Just like every writer is unique, every project involves a different level of work and I do my best to set rates that are fair for myself and the client. In almost every case, this means I’ll request a sample of the work materials so that I can calculate an accurate time and cost estimate.

I prefer to charge an hourly rate, but can accept per-project fees if the client makes a good case for it. I reserve the right to request a deposit (25-50%) for long-term projects.

To get a sense of editorial rates and costs, I recommend referring to this guide from the Northwest Editors Guild.