The Three Types of Fiction Books

When talking about books at work last week, I realized that there are three types of fiction: books that focus primarily on character development, books that are driven by the plot, and books that balance both cast and storyline.

It might seem obvious to others, but I think back to all the books I abandoned a third of the way through because I was not enjoying them, and it’s likely because I didn’t know 1) which of these three categories of fiction works I prefer and 2) which category the books I had picked up fit into.

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Gillian Flynn Binge

I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’d held off from doing it for a while because it was a popular book and I don’t like reading books when everyone (slight hyperbole) is reading them. I saw the movie, however, and remember being surprised by the plot. I decided to read the book several months later after a trusted mentor told me she believed I’d enjoy it’s perspective. Sure enough, I did.

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Book: One Day I Will Write About This Place


One Day I Will Write About This Place, Binyavanga Wainaina (2011)

Inspiration to Read:
I read about this title in a magazine two years ago. I forget what piqued my interest, but I added it to my list of books to read. When I recently became interested in nonfiction writing, Wainaina’s autobiographical book moved to the top of my list.

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